Gesail sits in 690 acres of prime sheep farming land which is managed on traditional lines by the local farmer. Our family's history at Gesail is now into its 4th generation and we have tried to keep the sense of a warm family home to welcome visitors. As a family of artists, set designers, engineers and architects we have installed our own styles, from retro interiors in the House to contemporary living in the Barn.


The buildings have now received the CPRW award for sensitive conservation (Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales). There are future plans for landscaping and the introduction of a water wheel to provide a sustainable source of energy. This would be similar to one that was once attached to the house.

We hope that you and your family and friends have the opportunity to experience some of the happiness and adventure that the property has given to us over the years. The lower Gesail land has unspoilt meadows with little sheep tracks, streams, bluebells, buttercups, foxgloves, cow parsley, rowanberries and plenty of wildllife. The upper land is adventurous and mountainous. 

Comments from guests



Thank you for a delightful stay at Gesail. Blood pressure is now back down to normal (metaphorically speaking!) The best bits? Sitting at the front watching the clouds on the hillsides. The quiet in the evenings, beside the fire.

(David and Heather, stayed in the Farm House)


We got engaged!

(Sam and Lisa)


The only things broken are our hearts at leaving.

(Phil and Kate)


Magic dawns with pink hills. Camps, dens, tree houses, dams. Our foster child said this was the best week of her life. Thank you so much for a screen-free time. We all read and played games by the fire.



One of the most beautiful places we’ve stayed. A proper break.

(Lisa and Reuben)


Standing at the top of the ’mountain’ I was reminded of how utterly insignificant we were. Me and piglet had a wonderful time, and will be back with art materials!



A great spot to have some adventures, unwind from the busy world and watch the days go past!

(Andy and Susie)

Two weeks weren't enough. We want to live here!

(Steph, Will, Barnaby, Matilda and Jonah)

Magical place. A retreat from the modern world. Peaceful and beautiful. We enjoyed log fires, reading and walks. We wanted to stay longer.

(Ariana, Jeff and Peter)

Perfect peaceful isolation for Christmas. Lots of walks, fires and food and best of all, no television. Our family groups were warm and comfortable in the main house and barn. 

(Alison, Richard, Hector, William and Kelly)





It really is the most beautiful spot. You were right about the bluebells, and we also saw dozens of pale violets up on the slopes, where the bilberries were in flower. There were buzzards milling about on high and I was thrilled to hear owls and a cuckoo by the house. The May trees were amazingly beautiful, swathed in white.



We made boats, and we found a sheep’s skull and bones. We made a den and played hide and seek and best of all we loved the swing.

(Geordie, 6 years)


We walked to the lead mine, played pooh sticks till uncle Joe hid under the bridge and collected the sticks! We made dampers and cooked them outside on the fire.

(Alfie 10 years)


I don’t think we will ever tire of playing in the garden, trying to find ingenious ways of crossing the river. Our boys are in boy heaven!

(Fee, parent)


We awoke every morning to squeals of delight from the children. The best family holiday ever!

(Emma, parent)

Property Location: Cwm Cywarch, Dinas Mawddwy, SY20 9JG

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